Ethan News!


Hi guys!  I'm back after a looooong break - from blogging, social media, reading, exercise, sleeping and just all round life.  And why?'Cause I've been so engrossed in three handsome brothers! I've had so many

Fairlady Spotlight


Ooh, look who made the March issue of the Fairlady magazine!Me, me, me! (Jumps up & down :)I LOVE chatting about my writing and my Keepers so I was over the moon to chat to the

Grazia Shout Out!


I'm so thrilled to spot The Keepers: Archer in a recent copy of the Grazia magazine! Listed as No. 5 in their "Ten Hot Things To Do Week In/Week Out " feature, Archer is beside great

12 Reminders for My Happy New Year!


It's the second day of a shiny new year!  I hope that wherever you are in the world, you've had a fun, festive and happy celebration.  Wishing all my lovely readers, friends, family and bloggers