Book 1

“Don’t ever look for me again, Archer.”
His mouth curled into a smile. “Game on.”

Sienna Beckham is out jogging in the autumn sun in Central Park, feeling almost ordinary. Trouble is, she’ll never be. She’s on the run from her life as a powerful witch and the three Keepers blood-bound to protect her.

An evil warlock is out for revenge and hot on Sienna’s tail.  Archer Bennett is searching for her, desperate to find her before they do. As one of her Keepers, he will fight to his death to defend her.

Sienna must return and defend her hometown, Rapid Falls – but she has to face the past and master her powers. And as forbidden feelings blossom between Sienna and Archer, will their love survive the ultimate war?

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A forbidden love between a powerful witch and her Keeper.

A warlock out for revenge.

Will their love survive the ultimate war?

“We’re hard-wired to protect a Beckham witch, to protect you. It’s as natural to us as breathing.”

“Sienna, can you really walk away from this?”

“Archer, we’ll all protect Sienna but we’ll protect each other and everything we stand for too. For you, it’s different. It’s only about Sienna.”

“We’re your biggest weakness, Sienna. The relationship we all share is unique. We would die for each other and Warrick knows that.”
“I love you, Archer. I’ve always loved you.”

“A mystical, magical tale filled with romance and action that is thoroughly addictive.”

“The twists and turns, the action, the suspense! This book was amazing!!”

The Girl Bookaholic

“Archer is a fast paced and action packed story with a strong element of forbidden romance that kept me glued to my Kindle as I read!”

One More Page

“This was a fantastic new story on witches, keepers and magic and I would definitely recommend as it’s a real page turner!”

Laura’s Little Book Blog

“This is packed full of magic, evil, love, heartbreak, action and more so I would recommend anyone looking for a great story with a magic to pick this up.”

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