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The last few months have flown by!  As we march toward the end of the year and the Christmas countdown (can you believe we’re talking Christmas soon?), I’ve been reflecting on what the year has meant for me so far.  There have been a few developments to my brand and a new writing project, both of which have formed part of my goals for the year.  It’s been ages since I blogged as my site was shut down for a while as we worked on implementing these goals but I’m back and ready to go with new blog posts lined up for you.  Here’s a quick update to what’s changed:


I finally have my own newsletter!  It took a while to set this up as I had no idea where to start or what was required.  After scouring the internet for ideas, signing up to Mailchimp and watching a few Youtube videos (what would we do without Youtube and the fabulous people who freely share their knowledge?), I created my first template.  As soon as a few of my readers – yes, YOU! – signed up we were good to go and my first newsletter was launched. My list is steadily growing and I love the instant connection I have with my subscribers.  It feels so personal and I so appreciate the feedback I’ve received.  If you haven’t yet signed up and you’d like to be part of my list, I’d love to have you.  You’ll get exclusive content, giveaways and news.  There’s no spamming and you can unsubscribe at any time if you’re not feeling the love.  Please sign up here.

The Keepers Trilogy, Three Warrior Brothers Born to Protect, www.raerivers.comNew Covers:

After much debate, my editors and I decided that my Keepers needed a fresh look.  Along with the design team at HarperCollins, we went to work on brainstorming ideas and creating new covers for each book.  The final result – covers that are sexy, darker and more in line with the genre as an adult Paranormal Romance!  What do you think?

Re-branding and a New Website:

This year has been all about re-branding which meant a new website was needed.  The blog I initially designed when my first book was published was in desperate need of a revamp so after months of working with a local company, Pie Designs, we finally launched the new website.  The end result was worth all the hard work – a neat, simple and professional website which received excellent response and shares from so many of you – thank you!  And now that the site is up and running, I’ll be resuming my blogging and newsletters.  Thanks for being patient during the upgrade!


Lastly, whilst all the above was going on, I’ve been writing up a storm!  I’ve finished a new book – a Romantic Suspense story which I loved writing and can’t wait to share with you – and I started another book. The words are flowing, I’m so enjoying my characters and can’t write fast enough.  It’s been such fun and I hope to be able to share more news soon.  Until then, please hold thumbs for me and know that every one of your emails or FB likes or comments cheering me on means the world to me!

I’ll be back soon with more news, tips and reader info.

Thanks for reading!

With love,