There’s been so much happening behind the scenes as we’ve been prepping The Keepers: Ethan for release day and I’m afraid the wait will be a little longer than we’d hoped.  

I’m so sorry for the delay as I know it’s been a long wait (and you’ve all been so wonderful and patient!) but there were several factors that influenced this decision and it made sense to shift the release date slightly to accommodate everything.

Fortunately, it’s only two weeks – so Ethan will be ready to hit your eReaders by the 7th April ’16

The last few weeks were packed with edits, emails back and forth between my editor and myself, and a lot of reading.  But the great news is that the book is complete!  All the edits are finished and the book has been finalised.  At the moment, the book is with the production team who are preparing it for release.

As I signed it off this week, waving goodbye to months and months of hard work, I’m left with a bitter sweet feeling … sad that my journey with my Keepers and their lovely women have come to an end but also immensely excited that Ethan’s story – and the conclusion to this trilogy – is finally ready to be shared with my readers.

So what can you expect?

An awesome new heroine, Jenna, who we met at the end of The Keepers: Declan.  She’s a little different to Sienna and Kate who appeared in previous books as Jenna isn’t a witch, she’s a Keeper.  (A perfect match for Ethan!)  I loved these two together and so enjoyed Jenna’s character as a female Keeper.  And of course, we get to meet the three handsome brothers again!  Together, their journey is filled with love, loyalty, action, suspense, and many twists and turns.

Looking so forward to sharing this one with you!

Thanks for your support,

With love,
Rae Rivers