FINALLY, after months and months – years, considering when I started this series – of plotting, planning and hard work, it all comes together today as The Keepers: Ethan is released into the world!

I’m hopping with excitement to share this story with you – not only because it’s well, Ethan’s story, but also because it concludes my Keepers series (which I know many of you have been waiting for!).

I’ve been holding onto this hottie for so long as I wrote and rewrote and tweaked until I’d told the story the way it needed to be told. It’s been a fun and exciting journey and I so LOVED the characters in this book (so many of them to enjoy!) but it’s also been a huge challenge too!

But I did it! And I’m so immensely proud and thrilled with how it all came together.

So what can you expect?

You’ll meet old favourites again – Archer, Declan, Sienna and Kate. But more specifically, you’ll also get up close and personal with the youngest Bennett brother, Ethan. Previously, he was very much in the background with his two older brothers in the spotlight, but this is his story, his book and he truly owns it! 🙂 You’ll get to know a new character, Jenna, who is different to the other heroines in the books. Where Kate and Sienna are witches, Jenna is a Keeper. She’s feisty and strong and super confident – and a perfect partner for Ethan! I so loved Ethan and Jenna together and writing their journey was very different to that of the other couples in the trilogy. And of course, I had to put them both through lots of trials and hardships too!

To celebrate Ethan’s release, we have several awesome book bloggers participating in a blog tour. There’ll be guest posts, Q&A’s, reviews, and excerpts from the book so please pop in and show your support. I’ll be posting links on my Facebook and Twitter pages as we go.

If you’re new to the series, The Keepers: Sienna, the prequel to the series is FREE. And if you’re already a Keepers fan, then The Keepers: Ethan can be found at Amazon or any online retailer.

Thank you to every single one of you for your support, enthusiasm and cheering along the way. I really hope that the wait for this final book was worth it!

With love and thanks (and huge excitement too!),
Rae Rivers